Seth Tepfer and ReelPlay

The slate of nominees to the 2020-2021 G.O.D.S. Board of Directors (Steering Committee) was announced during the September 6 online (Zoom) social. 
The 9 nominees are:

  • Deni Breckenridge
  • Aerin Brown
  • Christine Bruels
  • Cayley Buckner
  • Mary McClead
  • Judy McKendrick
  • Mike Randall
  • Diane Schulbach
  • Pete Turner 

The 3rd-Saturday dance in September each year is designated as the G.O.D.S. Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year, that date falls on September 19th. Due to current circumstances, an abbreviated version of the AGM will be held during the online (Zoom) social/dance that day. 
The social/dance begins at 7:00pm on the 19th, with the Annual General Meeting set to start at approximately 8:00pm. The AGM will be brief.

Election of the 2020-2021 G.O.D.S. Board
A main item of business during the annual meeting is the election of a new Board of Directors (Steering Committee). Time will be set aside during the (online) AGM to present for approval the slate of Board nominees. G.O.D.S. members in attendance that day will be asked to approve the entire slate of nominees.

[*Annual meeting is open to all – please attend if you can. IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND THE ENTIRE EVENT ON SEPTEMBER 19TH, PLEASE JOIN ONLINE AT 8:00PM TO VOTE YOUR NEW BOARD IN.]

Social/dance/meeting link:
Enjoy dancing and watching your friends dance, chat and socialize, get some exercise, and enjoy good music. The program of mostly contra (and a free waltz or two) is selected by the caller to be easy to do and satisfying with one or two people.

Social/dance/meeting link:

When: Saturday Sep 19; doors open 7:00pm EDT

Caller: Seth Tepfer

Band: Reelplay
Robbin Marcus on piano & percussion; and
Dave Marcus on concertina

Link to donate to the band Reelplay:

9/19/20: Seth Tepfer & ReelPlay + Annual Meeting (Board Election)
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