Dancing With The GODS Weekend

The Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society (G.O.D.S.) is a non-profit Florida corporation (501c3) organization under the Country Dance and Song Society of America. G.O.D.S. was formed around 1986. G.O.D.S. has no paid administrative positions; all administrative/governance positions and all organizational/operational tasks are undertaken by volunteers. A Board of Directors (Steering Committee) is elected from the membership. G.O.D.S. is well organized and solvent.

G.O.D.S. Board of Directors (Steering Committee) 2021 – 2022

Deni Breckenridge
Aerin Brown (Secretary)
Christine Bruels (Treasurer)
Judy McKendrick (Vice President/Co-convener)
Al Rogers (President/Convener)

  • All events are open to the public. The G.O.D.S. is a community asset.
  • There is a suggested donation per dance, however no dancer is ever turned away for inability to pay.
  • Our costs include the hall rental, insurance, and the talent (the band, the caller, and the sound tech). Otherwise we fully function on volunteer energy.
  • The main venue for the G.O.D.S. is the City-of-Gainesville-owned Thelma A Boltin Center. Occasionally, other venues are used.
  • Regular events are open to all skill levels of dancing. Newcomers are welcome. There is a teaching workshop (lesson) for beginners before each regular contra dance. Advanced dances have no workshop.
  • There is no drinking or smoking at our dances. Contra dancing prides itself on providing a safe and inclusive environment. Children are welcome to dance when they attend accompanied by an adult.
  • The G.O.D.S. conducts contra dances, along with waltzing sessions, at least twice monthly. Dances are regularly held on the first and fifth Sunday, and third Saturday of each month. Additionally, there are special dances, including the annual Dancing-with-the-GODS Weekend (3-day event), held since 2004, in February.
  • The G.O.D.S. hosts around thirty dance days per year, with an average attendance of about 75 participants at our regular dances.
  • If you are new to contra or new to Gainesville, we recommend you check out our FAQ page.

Periodic meetings of the G.O.D.S. Board of Directors (Steering Committee) are open to the public.
Minutes of meetings can be found HERE.
G.O.D.S. Bylaws HERE
A complete year-by-year list of G.O.D.S. Board of Directors (Steering Committee) members
may be found

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You are welcome to report unwanted behavior to our Safety Team.
email: godssafety@gmail.com

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Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society
PO Box 13224
Gainesville, FL 32604

To contact the G.O.D.S. Board of Directors (Steering Committee),
or the webmaster,
e-mail: dancewithgods@gmail.com