Safety & Community

The Gainesville Oldtime Dance Society (G.O.D.S.) values the community that is built when we make music and dance together. This community can only thrive in a space of safety, respect, and honest and open communication, free from harassment. 

The G.O.D.S. welcomes all people of goodwill to dance and make music, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual/romantic orientation, political persuasion, ability, religion, or size. 

In order to protect and nurture community, G.O.D.S. has created a Safety Team, tasked with promoting safe behavior, and investigating and responding to complaints of unwelcome behavior. There will be at least two Safety Team members at each dance event. Currently, Safety Team members are wearing purple sashes at our dances.

You may report unsafe or unwelcome behavior:
» directly to a Safety Team member on duty,
» by email to,
» submit your report using the Safety Reporting Form

Examples of when to report to the Safety Team:
• Someone is too rough with you on the dance floor and doesn’t adjust their behavior when asked to change.
• Someone lifts, dips, or does other aggressive dance moves without asking and receiving permission.
• Someone makes sexual comments or propositions to you.
• Someone intentionally touches you inappropriately.
• Someone harrasses you.
• You witness someone else being harassed or having unwanted attention paid to them.
• Someone is making you uncomfortable, but you are unable to confront them for whatever reason.

This is not an exhaustive list. For the safety of the community, please report to the Safety Team any unacceptable behavior, even if you feel that you have addressed the problem adequately, so that we are aware of all concerns.

Once the Safety Team receives a report of unwanted behavior, they will gather as much information as possible and try to work with the person to reach a positive solution for all parties involved.
Anyone who exhibits extremely inappropriate behavior that threatens the safety of dancers will be asked to leave the dance immediately. Follow up will happen at a later time.
Anyone who continues to exhibit unwanted behavior after counseling by the Safety Team, will be asked to leave the dance community for a period of time.