9/6/2020 G.O.D.S. Online First-Sunday Social

Join us for our next G.O.D.S. Social!

Date: Sunday, September 6, 2020

Time: starts at 4:00pm


  • Music [Eleta & Pete Sucsy]
  • Contra(s) [JoLaine]
  • Video presentation [Dave P]
  • Waltz [Eleta & Pete]
  • Announce 2020-2021 G.O.D.S. Board Nominees [Trokon]
  • English Country Dance [Al]
  • Sharing time
  • Closing serenade [Eleta & Pete]

Location (online)https://rebrand.ly/godsdance_2020-09-06

Meeting ID: 898 1265 6483 [if asked for]
Passcode: 197873

Clear out a space in your house for dancing; charge your devices; and get ready for a fun-filled afternoon of music, dancing, watching your friends dance, singing 
— or simply enjoying chatting & socializing with your friends!

9/6/2020 G.O.D.S. Online First-Sunday Social