Rode Skollars

July 5: Rode Skollars pickup band + JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

Rode Skollars

Our entertainment on Sunday shares the surprise of a fireworks finale. The Rode Skollars Pickup! band, while not promising pyrotechnics, will fill the stage with both new and familiar faces. Whether on the stage or on the floor, all comers are welcome!*

Our caller, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney may have some of her own surprises to cast out to the dance floor.

The Rode Skollars is: Marion Lasley on guitar, Lloyd Baldwin on fiddle and banjo, Mike Stapleton on fiddle and banjo, and Bill Paine on mandolin.

March 1 Rode Skollars and Stan Prince

Budding trees and fresh breezes harken seasonal change. Change in contra bands is more subtle - The Rode Skollers, formerly known as the Road Scholars - will do their best to live up to their new image this Sunday.

Anchoring us in this sea of change, is our caller Stan Prince. Fresh from co-hosting the 20th annual Snow Ball, Stan brings us his longtime love of the dance, some old favorites and perhaps a new gem.

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