December 29 Advanced Dance with "The Gadabouts" and Stan Prince

The Gadabouts

Comes celebrate the New Year a couple of days early with "The Gadabouts" and caller Stan Prince. The Advanced Dance is for those dancers who have attended at least three contra dances in the past and feel comfortable with the most common contra dance figures. While a new dancer will not be turned away, this dance does not accommodate them as do our regular dances. There will be no introductory workshop and the evening may not necessarily begin with easy dances and build up in complexity. If you want to introduce a newbie to contra, please bring her/him to one of the regular dances.

There will be waltzing to live music prior to the Advanced Dance. Waltzing begins at 3:15, the Advanced dance is from 4-7 at the Thelma Boltin Center ( 516 NE 2nd Ave). Your entrance fee of $8 ($5 for students and under 21), gets you into both the contra dance and the waltz. If you only want to attend the waltz, we recommend a $5 donation.

Please bring a snack to share and a cup or water bottle to help reduce waste. Childcare is provided.