Saturday April 25: Wild Asparagus Band in Melrose

Wild Asparagus

This Saturday, April 25, from 3 - 5 pm, Possum Trot will play. (This is the dance before Wild Asparagus.)

3 -5 Possum Trot
5 - 6 Bring some food.
6 - 9 Wild Asparagus

April 26, 11 am - 2 pm, Wild Asparagus

All at the DANCING FISH, 6228 Dogwood Lane, Melrose by Lake Santa Fe

Rain location:
Saturday, same times, 301 S.R. 26, Melrose Dream Center (formerly MACC)
Sunday, later time, 3 - 6 pm, 301 S.R. 26, Melrose Dream Center

April 18: Smoky Hollow String Band and Vicki Morrison

Smoky Hollow String Band

The mountains, hollers and flatlands bring you hard drivin', no holds barred traditional music. The music that stokes and drives The Smoky Hollow String Band - with dance tunes to add a little extra spring to your step. From Tallahassee, last we heard.

With a lot of spring in her step, Vicki Morrison, a retiree for a whopping four months, calls for us - in her continued work for World Peace through Contra dance.

Sunday, April 5th: Waltz Workshop with Gaye Fifer

Gaye Fifer

Gaye Fifer, an enthusiastic advocate and instructor of contra-style waltz and an accomplished contra caller from Pittsburgh, will lead a special waltz workshop preceding the first GODS contra dance event on Sunday, April 5 at 1:30pm - 3:30pm.

April 5: Asheville Cats & Gaye Fifer

Ashville Cats

Newly formed and on their first tour, The Asheville Cats improvise and cajunize old time and modern contra tunes. From Pinellas Park and Coco, they close out their tour in Gainesville with gusto and grace.

Our evening dance and a special afternoon workshop are graced by Gaye Fifer, a Weekend and Dance Camp veteran. From Pittsburgh, PA, Gaye's easy style will surely please even the most discerning dancers!

The Asheville Cats are Laura Light on fiddle; Gary Anderson on guitar, fiddle, bass; and Trent Van Blaricom on percussion, mandolin, accordion, fiddle and sax.

Special Waltz Workshop Sunday, April 5

Waltz and contra are favorite, healthy pastimes for a fellow dancer in Pennsylvania. Read several paragraphs down for his comments reserved especially for waltz.

Dancing retiree finds it's never too late to learn some new steps.
Courtesy of The Chief Factotum at South Florida Contra Dance newsletter.

March 29: Advanced contra with Frances and Friends & caller Frannie Marr

Frannie Marr

Frances, Sarah and Bill, with their "lilting tunes and spirited arrangements" will play dance tunes to tell your friends about. These "well-seasoned" musicians are "sure to add spice to your dance experience!"

Dancing in California, Frannie Marr started her calling career in elementary school - teaching her students. A caller in the 2014 Catapult! National Showcase, she prides herself on her "quick walk-throughs, efficient calling, and letting the dance and music flow".

Saturday March 21: The Dunehoppers with Alice Milmoe

The Dunehoppers

Saint Augustine jumps with history - from it's Spanish founding to an early winter retreat to modern times as the home of the famed and esteemed Dunehoppers. With award wining fiddling and equally engaging rhythm, percussion and even more strings, their melodic contra will keep you on your feet.

On your feet, says Alice from Apopka, with an encore performance in the callers spot, and a retinue of different dances. Ms. Milmoe's calling lineage boasts history of it's own.

March 1 Rode Skollars and Stan Prince

Budding trees and fresh breezes harken seasonal change. Change in contra bands is more subtle - The Rode Skollers, formerly known as the Road Scholars - will do their best to live up to their new image this Sunday.

Anchoring us in this sea of change, is our caller Stan Prince. Fresh from co-hosting the 20th annual Snow Ball, Stan brings us his longtime love of the dance, some old favorites and perhaps a new gem.

GODS Contra Weekend 2015

GODS Contra Weekend 2014


2015 Contra Dance Weekend

February 20-21-22, 2015

Music by the Great Bear Trio and the Rafter Ringers

Callers Beth Molaro and Sarah VanNorstrand.

Feb. 1: Whistling Anchovy Brothers and Jonathan King

Jonathan and Ruth King

An award winning fiddler and a local banjo plucker join another talented duo to enchant your dance muse. Hailing from Gainesville, Tampa and St. Augustine the New! and Improved! Whistling Anchovy Brothers will surely surprise and delight us all.

The Whistling Anchovy Brothers are Bill Paine (mandolin), Mike Stapleton (Banjo), David Massey (piano) and Allen Hood (fiddle).

Our caller, Jonathan King, also known to be full of surprises, is well known to our dance community - and beyond!