Vicki Morrison

Dec 19: Smoky Hollow String Band & Vicki Morrison

Smoky Hollow String Band & Vicki Morrison

The Smoky Hollow String String Band is droppin' in from Tallahassee. Inspired by the the mountains, hollers and flat-lands of bygone days, three veteran musicians bring you hard drivin', no holds barred traditional music for an evening of joyous and sprightly dancing.

Vicki Morrison, a contra dancer for eight years, and caller for five, aims for a joyful dance experience for both new and experienced dancers. She calls dances that flow well and are fun for everyone.

Aug 15: Toss the Possum & Vicki Morrison

Toss the Possum & Vicki Morrison

Waltzing in with a Kickstarter-funded CD is the Zizette family - Toss The Possum. Laura, a classically trained pianist and Rob, a fiddling physics major, weave "lyrical, driving and energetic" dance tunes. Charlie, "Papa Possum", is behind the sound board and the wheel of the van. Tunes here:

Driving in from Tallahassee, Vicki Morrison, on a whistle stop of her world tour, may be practicing New Zealand contra calls for her upcoming trip. Stay tuned.

April 18: Smoky Hollow String Band and Vicki Morrison

Smoky Hollow String Band

The mountains, hollers and flatlands bring you hard drivin', no holds barred traditional music. The music that stokes and drives The Smoky Hollow String Band - with dance tunes to add a little extra spring to your step. From Tallahassee, last we heard.

With a lot of spring in her step, Vicki Morrison, a retiree for a whopping four months, calls for us - in her continued work for World Peace through Contra dance.

Nov 30 Advanced contra dance: The Briar Pickers with Vicki Morrison

The Briar Pickers

Advanced Dance off the Turkey and Stuffing Sunday Nov. 30, 4-7 PM

Tumbling in with humor and old-time style, the award-winning Briar Pickers aim to stick to your dance fancy. Musical influences including Swing, Classical and Civil War era music showcase a flair for variety sure to please and entertain discerning dancers.

Our caller, Vicki Morrison, newly retired, aims for world peace through contra dancing. She brings her vision to Gainesville this weekend. Don't miss it!

August 3, 2014 - Category 5 and Vicki Morrison - Contra Dance

Category Five with Vicki Morrison on August 3, 2014

A collision of classical strings and African rhythms is just half of the musical storm blowing your way when Category 5 returns to Gainesville. The storm force builds with their high energy jigs and reels - predictions are for few dry dancers on the floor.

Anchoring the tempest is our caller, Vicki Morrison, who advocates contra dancing as the answer to world peace.

Category 5 is: Sarah Mitchell on flute, hammered dulcimer, percussion, Kathie Aagaard (of the Florida Orchestra) on fiddle, John McEwen - Irish banjo, tenor guitar, percussion, David Massey - keyboard.


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