Yazoo Kickstarts

Dec 4: Yazoo Kickstarts & Gary Arthur

Dec 4: Yazoo Kickstarts & Gary Arthur

The Yazoo Kickstarts are back for a return engagement with caller Gary Arthur! So get ready to kick up your heels this Sunday 4-7 pm--and don't forget that this dance is at the Martin Luther King Center (a.k.a. MLK Rec Center).

The Yazoo Kickstarts are:
• Mike Stapleton on fiddle;
• Bill Paine - mandolin & guitar;
• Marietta Massey - banjo; and
• David Massey - fiddle & piano.
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March 19: Brooke Friendly calling ECD + Contra

Brooke Friendly & Yazoo Kickstarts

The Gainesville Old-Time Dance Society presents a special Spring Dance event featuring caller Brooke Friendly on Saturday 19 March 2016 from 2pm until 10 pm.

An energetic double-dip afternoon of English country dances & evening of contra dancing with caller Brooke Friendly from Ashland, Oregon calling to music by Hoggetowne Fancy and the Yazoo Kickstarts

October 3-4: Two Days of Contra, Waltz & English Country Dance

Yazoo Kickstarts and Barbara Groh

• 12 hours of dance events Saturday-Sunday October 3-4
• English country dances for all levels
• Beyond the Basics waltz workshop
• Two-day Package: only $30 ($20 for age 25 & under)
• Contra—Yazoo Kickstarts, preeminent FL contra band
• Barbara Groh, Asheville NC contra caller
• English country dance - Hoggetowne Fancy & caller Randy Thorp
• Waltz – to live music by 'Stay Tuned'
SATURDAY, October 3rd Schedule:

May 3: Yazoo Kickstarts and JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

Yazoo Kickstartso

This Spring Sunday forecasts balmy breezes, delightful dance partners and the tasty tunes of The Yazoo Kickstarts. Lose yourself to a dance delight for a splendid spring afternoon.

Fresh from calling at the New England Folk Festival, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney, will have you dancing with and on the spring breezes.

The Yazoo Kickstarts are: Mike Stapleton on fiddle, Bill Paine - mandolin & guitar, Marietta Massey - banjo, David Massey - fiddle & piano.

September 7: Contra Yazoo Kickstarts - John Rogers calling

Yazoo Kickstarts

Git your Yazoo out and Kickstart some fine Fall dancing and great music. Yup, music-ing fer us, are the Yazoo Kickstarts with Mike Stapleton on fiddle, Bill Paine - mandolin & guitar, Marietta Massey - banjo, David Massey - fiddle & piano.

Our caller, John Rogers, usually booking talent in Cocoa and Melbourne, steps out in front of the spotlight this Sunday. John is an "almost FL native who mis-spent his youth not dancing...until he came upon a group that called out instructions." A rousing Gainesville welcome to John.

June 29: Yazoo Kickstarts called by Jonathan King

Jonathan & Ruthie King walk dancers through contra Wonderland.

Can mathematicians count and call contra dances at the same time? Come find out Sunday June 29 when Jonathan King guides us down the rabbit hole through choice contra-ptions of contra Wonderland.

Dances and figures from, or beyond, your wildest imagination may appear on the dance floor before you have a chance to cry 'help'! Come, stretch your dancing skills--and your mind--in the company of other daring dancers!

Playing for our dance will be a local favorite The Yazoo Kickstarts with Bill Paine, Mike Stapleton, Marietta Massey and David Massey.

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