Jan 20-21: Rona Wiener & Potent Brew

Rona Wiener & Potent Brew

Saturday-Sunday, Jan 20-21, 2018
Special 2-Day Mini-Weekend Event
3 Contra Dances + Advanced Contra Workshop
Caller: Rona Wiener; Band: Potent Brew

After several years as a travelling dancer, Rona Wiener has finally decided they can skip a few dances and share the joy of contra from the stage. Rona loves using what they learned on the dance floor to craft engaging programs that entertain all levels of dancers. They teach and call with clarity and contagious enthusiasm. Rona also enjoys teaching contra dancing workshops to help build a thriving contra dancing community.

Potent Brew is:
* composer/song writer George Paul on keyboard
* Steve Kimble on percussion; and
* Ryan McKassen on fiddle.

George grew up under his mom's piano in Fresno, CA. He discovered Jazz in high school, then drifted into the blues bars, spent a little time in a funk band, and then some wasted years in country bars before entering the contra dance world. Not knowing what contra dance piano should be like, he brought his own interpretations to the contra world, playing 9 years with the Avant Gardeners, then with his own bands Playing with Fyre, Joyful Noise, the Ivory Boys and now Potent Brew.

Ryan is classically trained on the viola and is a world class Scottish fiddler based in Seattle. He has been a driving force in the Syncopaths for years where his heartfelt and propelling playing has helped lead the band to national acclaim on the contra dance circuit.

Steve Kemble is a versatile percussionist who has played in a great variety of bands and musical styles since his teens, and he knows how to drive a dance. He also builds marimbas and leads the African music band Chikomo Marimba from Asheville, NC.

George and Ryan know each other through shared dance camps over the last 10 years and were looking for an opportunity to play a few dances together. George and Steve met on the bandstand in Asheville playing together in Playing with Fyre 3 years ago and it was instant musical kinship. George decided to bring these two connections together at the end of 2016 and formed Potent Brew. A five day swing through Asheville, Charlotte, Atlanta & Gainesville, GA was a great success. Their CD "Potent Brew Live" came from that tour. The chemistry was fresh and immediate, as you can tell from that recording.

Saturday January 20th 2018

05:30 p....................Boltin Center opens
05:45 p - 06:30 pm....Waltz
06:30 p - 07:00 pm....Beginner Contra Lesson
07:00 p - 10:00 pm....Standard Contra dance
10:30 p....................Boltin Center closes

Sunday January 21st 2018
10:00 am....................Boltin Center opens
11:00 a - 02:00 pm....ADVANCED Contra dance
02:00 p - 02:45 pm....Break
2:45-3:45 pm...Advanced Contra Workshop with Rona Wiener
04:00 p - 07:00 pm....ADVANCED Contra dance
07:30 pm....................Boltin Center closes

[Age 26+] $15 ea contra dance/$40 all 3 (workshop included)
[Age 16-25] $10 ea/$25 all 3 (workshop included)
Workshop only: [Age 26+] $10; [Age 16-25] $5

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Snacks at the break are provided by dancers.
If you snack, bring one to share & a water bottle to help our planet.

Child care is provided during the contra dances.
See our website FAQ for details:
Gainesville Old-Time Dance Society/FAQ.

Parking is in the lot across the street
& in marked spaces on adjacent streets.

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Hosted by the GODS [Gainesville Old-time Dance Society]

Saturday, January 20, 2018