March 18-19: Steamshovel & Beth Molaro

-- 3 contra dances over 2 days --
Saturday, March 18, 2017 / Sunday, March 19, 2017
Band: STEAMSHOVEL (David White - fiddle, banjo; Roger Gold - guitar, foot drum).
•Steamshovel is indeed a dynamic duo in the contra dance world. Roger is well known as one of the finest guitar players on the contra dance circuit, supplying a wonderful combination of intricate melodies, powerful rhythms & big bass sounds, often at the same time! While he has played mostly with fiddlers of the Celtic/New England style in many other bands (Elftones, Land of Sky, Skytones, Goosebone Prophets, Tribal Tune Twisters, & more) Roger has found a powerful rhythmic accomplice in David White. David’s selections of unique old time tunes – from driving to groovy and ‘flowey’ – as well as several tunes he has created for banjo & fiddle, present a great diversity of tunes for dancing & for Roger to play off of.

•Dancers from coast-to-coast will tell you that Beth Molaro is GREAT & when she calls, the dance is always a party! Her enthusiasm is contagious & she makes any dance more energetic & exciting. She is truly a dance caller dedicated to the art of Traditional American Dancing & good fun.
•Beth Molaro lives in Asheville, NC & is often on the road calling dances all over the place. Her clear calling & skilled dance selection have made her one of the country's most popular & widely traveled callers.
W E E K E N D S C H E D U L E:

05:45p - 06:30p...Waltz lesson - or open waltz - no partner necessary. Live music: Stay Tuned waltz band.
-----[Waltz is a free bonus with admission to a contra dance.]
06:30p - 07:00p...Contra workshop (lesson) for beginners
-----[New contra dancers, & those wishing to review their dance moves or help others to do so, please attend this pre-dance contra lesson.]
07:00p - 10:00p...Contra Dance - Standard, NOT ADVANCED
-----[No partner or experience is necessary. No special dress is required --- wear casual attire & comfortable shoes. Dances are taught, walked through, & called.]

SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 2017
11:00a - 02:00p...Contra Dance - ADVANCED*
02:00p - 03:00p...Break
03:00p - 03:45p...Waltz lesson - or open waltz - no partner necessary. Live music: Stay Tuned waltz band.
-----[Waltz is a free bonus with admission to a contra dance.]
04:00p - 07:00p...Contra Dance - ADVANCED*
-----[*All are welcome to advanced dances. Advanced contra dances will be more challenging & are an opportunity for dancers to enhance their dance skills. There will be limited teaching of basic figures. There might be limited walkthroughs & possibly some no-walkthrough dances.]


•Contra dancing is energetic, social dancing that's fun for everyone (all ages are welcome) and no partner is necessary.
•The music is live.
•Snacks at the break are provided by dancers. If you snack, bring one to share & a water bottle to help our planet.
•Child care is provided during the contra dances. See our website FAQ for details:
•Parking is in the lot across the street & in marked spaces on adjacent streets.
Hosted by the GODS [Gainesville Old-time Dance Society]

Saturday, March 18, 2017