September 19: Possum Trot & Gary Arthur

Possum Trot,

Brace yourself for a "contra dance wall of sound" of French Canadian, New England and Southern music. Possum Trot, an inter-generational band, "blends the new and the old" in a swashbuckling sensation.

When not helping first graders learn gardening, Gary Arthur is soliciting tips himself. About gardening that is. Warmed up from a recent Melrose engagement, he will strut his stuff for us.

Possum Trot is Anthony Pilla on fiddle, Laura Price on fiddle, Benny McDowell on piano, Pete Sucsy on banjo & guitar, Eleta Sucsy on penny whistle, Kai Sucsy on percussion.

Sept 6: Mourning Glories and Andy Kane

Mourning Glories and Andy Kane

With influences from Romani, Balkan and old-time Irish music to sea shanties, the Mourning Glories share their passion for traditional music and dance. Chelsea, the mandolin player, shares her passion with young woman in "Girls Rock Camp", to promote self-esteem and community. Give a listen here:

Andy Kane returns to the caller's spot with the familiar and perhaps the new.

Aug 30 Advanced Dance: Comes When Called & JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

Comes When Called & JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

Advanced Contra-Fusion is coming our way with "percussion toys" and "wild and crazy recorder improv". Layered with African rhythm and big-band strings, 'Comes When Called' promises to "delight dance floor denizens" with their Celtic, modern and old-time tunes.

Calling advanced delights, JoLaine Jones-Pokorney will show us the way through the contra-fusion and pulsating rhythms.

Aug15: Waltz Escape Stay-cation Workshop

Dear Dancers,

Wish you were here! Join us for a breezy waltz workshop!

What: Waltz Escape Stay-cation Workshop—dress optional in your favorite island getaway getup. Admission to waltz workshop includes a souvenir.

Who: Toss the Possum band with Laura & Rob Zisette (expect some steamy Blues dance flair). Beyond the Basics workshop 5:00-6:00. Waltz to live music by Toss the Possum band 6:00-6:30.

Where: Boltin Center—516 NE 2nd Ave., Gainesville FL 32601

When: Sat., Aug. 15, 2015 at 5:00—6:30 pm.

Aug 15: Toss the Possum & Vicki Morrison

Toss the Possum & Vicki Morrison

Waltzing in with a Kickstarter-funded CD is the Zizette family - Toss The Possum. Laura, a classically trained pianist and Rob, a fiddling physics major, weave "lyrical, driving and energetic" dance tunes. Charlie, "Papa Possum", is behind the sound board and the wheel of the van. Tunes here:

Driving in from Tallahassee, Vicki Morrison, on a whistle stop of her world tour, may be practicing New Zealand contra calls for her upcoming trip. Stay tuned.